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The Montelago Nature Estates is a lot only property development. This doesn’t mean that you will be coming into a community with simple serviced lots ready for you to build upon. No the developers created a master planned community with service and community buildings and facilities all in place so you come into the community to develop and improve upon what is already there when you come in to purchase a lot and build your home.

You will love the level of security that the community has to offer. There are three levels of security for the facilities to ensure that you, your family and your assets are safe and secure. There are two entrance gates that allow you access into the gated community allowing you options based on where you are coming from and where you are going. Inside the community you will find landscaped roads that are wide and provide ample space for vehicles and pedestrians to both commute at a safe pace.

There are a number of existing community buildings that are designed with southern California architecture with a bit of Mediterranean flair. There is a clubhouse on the property along with six parks all with their own unique design. The six parks include the Plaza Sacramento, the Plaza Escudero, the Plaza Promenade, the Plaza San Diego, the Plaza Sta. Barbara and the Plaza Sta. Elena.

But wait, there is more to the community than just a clubhouse and 6 parks. There is also a badminton court, a basketball court, a pavilion area, a linear park, a Kiddie play area, and two pools; an adult pool and kids pool, both with sunken deck and a linear park as well. You won’t need to walk from place to place on the property thanks to the intra village shuttle as well as the bicycle lanes that allow you to commute within the village via bicycle safely. This provides you with a way to safely exercise and get a work out in on your bicycle or just to take a stroll with the kids as they ride on theirs.

With so many things to do within the community you are sure to find something to do right at home on property that will help you to bond with your family members and neighbors as you forge lifelong relationships and have healthy and necessary contact with people outside of work and your home. The developers thought of more than just providing you with an upscale place to live but also thought of your ability to get outdoors and enjoy time with friends, family and neighbors bonding and nurturing our relationships while at home saving you time, money and energy vs if you had to go out to have a place and space to bond with your friends and family.

The property also features majestic views of Mount Banahaw, Mount Makiling and Mount Cristobal providing you with breathtaking views that are unrivaled and cannot be found anywhere else. Here at Montelago Nature Estates you truly get a traditional feel while indulging in prestige and culture and having the ability to take in nature at its finest but within close commute to major areas because life does go on.

  • Southern Californian architecture
  • Wide landscaped roads
  • Two entrance gates
  • Uniquely designed park: Plaza Sacramento
  • Clubhouse
  • Adult and kiddie pools with sunken deck
  • Pavilion
  • Kiddie play area
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